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Attractions and sights

  • Segre river (1 km far)
    Is the most important river of La Cerdanya, which flows through the middle of the region, dividing it between the shady and the sunny side. It can be crossed on foot and by mountain bike by way of the small footbridge between All and Sanavastre
  • Guilleteres / Esterragalls (1 km far)
    Area of clay soil forming various shapes of great natural and cultural interest
  • Way of Saint James (1 km far)
    Way that crosses the region of La Cerdanya alongside the Segre river, going past the main villages and Romanesque hermitages.
  • Duran river valley (2 km far)
    Duran river, which is a tributary of Segre river, has its headwaters in the Engorgs lakes and gives its name to the area of the Duran river valley or Valltova. It is a small valley enclosed by riverside vegetation.
  • Malniu lakes (20 km far)
    Natural lake of great scenic interest, located above the village of Meranges, very close to Puigpedrós mountain.
  • Guils Fontanera (25 km far)
    Ski resort for Nordic skiing during Winter and of great interest for the hikers during the rest of the year.