Cal Frances

Cal Frances

The House Pagès

Cal is a French manor house located in the village of All, s built in the late. XIX, and opened as a bed and breakfast in January 2003.

Des desembre of the 2010 is listed with three ears by the Directorate General of Tourism of Innovation, Universities and Enterprise of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

French Cal promotes environmental quality of its installations·lacions i des of 2009 provisions of the Environmental Quality Department of the Environment of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

COTTAGE: The house has a common area with a spacious interior living room with fireplace and TV, where you can enjoy a quiet·litat i benestar, and a large dining room where you can breakfast with the house.

They also have a common area outside with a large garden surrounded by fruit trees and other vegetation, playground for children, and one was covered and uncovered parking.

Spacious rooms with hardwood floors and breathtaking views of the Sierra del Cadi, in Tossa d'Alp and the rest of the Cerdanya. All have bathroom, assecador, TV, calefacció the central Balcó.

ARI (Self-Catering): French must also have separate lodgings for up to 6 people.

They have a spacious living room with fireplace and TV, where you can enjoy a quiet·litat i benestar; three spacious floors and beams, dos banys complerts, Central HEATING, fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher, microones, rentadora, dryer, etc; garden with swings and parking.



  • Earth: Biking muntanya – BTT, Hiking – trekking.

2 of November 2012: First Fair of Craft Beer Cerdanya in the village of All. “Degustació craft cervesa, talks about brewing, music, artisan cheeses and sausages all day and free inflatables for children.

3 i 4 of November 2012: Fira del cavall de Puigcerd


Outside: Jardí, Terrassa, Mobles of jardí, Zone d'aparcament.
Interior: Rentadora, Microones, Heating, Rentavaixelles, Dining, T.V. a l'habitació, Bany a l'habitació, Cuina, Llar of foc, T.V., Sala d'be.
Services: Breakfast, Bike, Bressol available, Documentation on the area, Free WiFi.
Idioms: Català, French, Valencià, Espanyol.
Location: Mountain, Dins the casc Urbà, Accés asfaltat, Signposted, A prop tracks esquí, Accés in Public Transport.

Llocs d interès

  • Riu Segre (a 1 km)
    It is the most important river that crosses the Cerdanya in half separating the Baga de la Solana. Can be crossed on foot or by bike between the lever and All Sanavastre
  • Guilleteres / Esterragalls (a 1 km)
    Clay land in various forms in natural and cultural
  • Camí de Sant Jaume (a 1 km)
    Travessa Camí that the region of Cerdanya stud·time the Segre river, which passes through the major towns and Romanesque churches.
  • Vall del Riu Duran (a 2 km)
    Duran River is a tributary of the River Segre born Engorgs ponds and gives its name to the river valley and Duran Valltova. In the case of a small valley closed vegetation.
  • Estanys de Malniu (a 20 km)
    Natual large scenic lake, above the village of Meranges and very near the top Puigpedrós
  • Guils Fontanera (a 25 km)
    Nordic ski resort in winter and hikers of great interest for the remainder of the year